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Let our children grow tall, and some taller than others if they have it in them to do so.  ~Margaret Thatcher


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The OM (AUM) sound resonates the sand into the Sri Yantra. This sacred geometry is the basis of life.

Contact Stephanie HeartSong for more information or to book a Birthing Journey Soundscape session.


Birthing Journey Soundscape

For the Expecting Mother

Did you know that the mother's voice sounds like a rattle to the unborn child? Sounds and vibrations are intimately felt by your little one. When you intentionally connect with loving words and sing lullabies, your baby thrives in the womb. It is your heartbeat, your centered breath and your soothing sounds that create a safe haven in the womb; and sets the tone for a safe environment.

This session not only helps you gain the vital life force and energy to prepare you for the birthing journey, it centres you. The guided visualization aspect of this session offers you the words and sounds that you most need to locate your innerLife strength and to ease you heart and mind. What unfolds in each session is uniquely beneficial for you and your child.

This session can be recorded so you can re-live the grounding and centering effects during labour. This soundtrack can also serve as a soothing lullaby for your newborn.

  • Session is by appointment and lasts 1 hour.
  • You relax and receive the soundscape in your position of choice: on a massage table, on a yoga mat or seated on a chair.
  • Soundscape recording is optional and can be purchased for $10.

For Prenatal Yoga Teachers, Doulas and Midwives

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   birth stories.

Guided visualizations for Birthing Journey Soundscapes are offered to groups of expecting mothers. These can be hosted in studios, wellness centres and large office spaces. Participants are guided to energetically connect to their child. The art of intentional breathing and the healing mother touch is shared. Mothers enjoy a relaxing, serene sound bath while seated in chairs or lying down on yoga mats with support pillows and blankets.