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Happiness in life is not measured by the things we achieve, the places we go, or the route that we take to get there. It is measured by the people that we share all of our experiences with.  ~Chris Needham

Testimonial Writing Tips

Write as if you were speaking to the reader about your experience. Your story-telling could include:

  • what your situation or frame of mind was before you experienced an iLs service
  • what your experience was during and/or immediately after
  • what specifically helped or inspired you
  • where you are at now as a result

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Words from Satisfied Clients

Working with Stephanie sends my soul flying. Her voice brings me into another state of mind, another realm where I can step outside of this framework and travel through time and space, deep into my unconscious. She creates safe space for the Shamanic journey and beautiful healing work. I appreciate the presence she brings to her sessions, working with me to create clear intentions for change, the effects of which continue to come into my life long after a session. You will enjoy. ~Melanie Lourenco, Guelph/Hamilton Studios

I have worked with Stephanie for over a year and have had many emotional, physical and spiritual breakthroughs. The most dramatic of these happened one day when I was in great physical pain and emotional turmoil. My muscles were rigid and I moved with great difficulty. I was an emotional wreck and unable to cope. After Stephanie worked her magic through Reiki, talk and hand therapy I walked out of the appointment moving freely, relaxed and unencumbered, unburdened of the negativity which had enveloped me. Thanks go to Stephanie and her gifts for helping me through this. ~Sandra Lucas, Hamilton

The crystal bowls vibrate and sing my soul awake. Stephanie's gentle, deep whirlpool of healing swirls each person into the integration of a fully connected circle in song, sound, expression and resonance." ~Marnie Chonka, Brantford

Stephanie has a wonderful gift to heal people through energy work and sound. After each session I have with her I feel calm, clear and refreshed. Many things in my life have changed for the better since beginning to work with her, and her sound work that she does is profoundly healing. It is a powerful way to facilitate deeper stretching after a yoga class, and such a great way to enjoy and receive guided meditation. ~Alex Evans, Bikram Yoga Hamilton

It's my absolutely favourite thing to do! I love Stephanie's use of the 'wind blow', the various drum sounds, the bowls and the angelic and native feel of her voice. I always leave feeling grounded, centered, joyous, hopeful and relaxed. I feel the most positive about myself and my life after a session and I just want to spread that good medicine around the world. ~Leona Bruce, Hamilton

With her insight and wisdom, Stephanie is helping me transform the most difficult time of my life into a wonderful experience of growth and awareness. I am truly grateful. ~Rodney Aitchison, Hamilton

Thank you Stephanie for the innerlife coaching in this last month. This has truly brought to my life peace and confidence that was not there before. The chanting classes at Welkin are very helpful in moving the blocked energy that has been present. The energy that has been awakened is felt throughout the torso as intense heat and vibration, with this also come a release. ~Jacquie Lund, Brantford

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