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Who looks outside, dreams.
Who looks inside, awakens.  ~Carl Jung

Whatever you do in life, yoga shows you how to do it better. ~Chuck Miller

The very nature of mudras is repose, silence, and peace. Most health disorders, whether on the physical or mental-emotional level, develop from a lack of inner and outer repose. ~Gertrud Hirschi

Physical ailments are a result of the disturbance in the equilibrium of the five elemental forces of the body. Appropriate mudras can help restore proper balance. ~Acharya Vikrmaditya

Without intention, all the postures, breathing practices, meditation, and the like can become little more than ineffectual gestures. When animated by intention, however, the simplest movement, the briefest meditation, and the contents of one breath cycle are made potent. ~Donna Farhi


  • Mudras: Yoga in Your Hands
  • The Healing Power of Mudras

    Meditation Mudras

      Thumb: Solar Plexus Chakra

    • Element — Agni (Fire): will power, decision-making, transformation
    • Organs — stomach
    • Mental-Emotional States — worry, confidence

      Index Finger: Heart Chakra

    • Element — Varun (Air): breathing, presence, nourishment, healing
    • Organs — lungs, large intestine
    • Mental-Emotional States — depression, sadness, joy, love

      Middle Finger: Throat Chakra

    • Element — Akash (Ether): space, emptiness, communication, full potential
    • Organs — heart, lungs, intestines, circulatory and respiratory systems
    • Mental-Emotional States — patience, hastiness

      Ring Finger: Root Chakra

    • Element — Prithivi (Earth): growth, new beginning, stamina, activity
    • Organs — liver, gall bladder, nervous system
    • Mental-Emotional States — anger, stability

      Little Finger: Sacral Chakra

    • Element — Jal (Water): adaptability, change, reposes, energy storage
    • Organs — kidneys, sexual organs
    • Mental-Emotional States — fear, passion, sensuality

    "Mudra" simply means hand and finger postures. Like yogic body postures, it is also a discipline to rejuvenate the body by balancing the five elements (fire, water, air, ether, earth) to their optimal
    levels. When the elements are balanced, the yoga (unison) of mind, body and soul can be achieved.

    Mudras are used in conjunction with Pranayama (yogic breathing exercises) to stimulate different parts of the body and to affect the flow of prana.

    There are innumerable mudras and each has a specific effect. The following are very effective and simple hand mudras to maintain health and wellness.

    Prithivi Mudra

    - grounding
    - inner stability

    Dhyani Mudra

    - empty mind
    - full being

    Lotus Mudra

    - opens heart
    - able to receive

    Inner Self Mudra

    - devotion to the   Divine
    - hold at 3rd eye
    - chant ohm

    Naga Mudra

    - deep insight
    - solving issues
    - clears obstacles

    Shankh Mudra

    - all throat issues
    - hold at sternum
    - chant ahh-ohm

    Apan Mudra

    - eliminates toxins
    - balances mind
    - boosts confidence

    Dharmachakra Mudra

    - letting go of deep patterns
    - surrendering to eternal change

    Pushpaputa Mudra

    - open to receive
    - acceptance of life's blessings

    Vayu Mudra

    - eliminates flatulence

    Jnana Mudra

    - clears & stabilizes the mind
    - aids concentration

    Garuda Mudra

    - stimulates blood circulation
    - alleviates exhaustion

    Ksepana Mudra

    - releases negative energy & tension
    - aids in letting go

    Kalesvara Mudra

    - helps shift addictive behaviour, core beliefs &   unwanted character traits

    Mantangi Mudra

    - inner harmony
    - excellent for belly breathing
    - relieves body pain & jaw tension

    Uttarabodhi Mudra

    - energizes & refreshes the body
    - hold at solar plexus