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Whatever you can do, or dream you can, begin it. Boldness has genius, power, and magic in it.  ~Goethe

Sound — whether through music, voice or other sources — is effective as a tool to alter the electromagnetic fields and impulses of an individual or an environment. As an energy source, sacred sound can be used as a tool for the change of consciousness. It facilitates concentration, relaxation, learning, and creativity. It can interact with and help alter brain wave patterns to help facilitate this process. ~Ted Andrews

Furthermore, a consistent meditation practice:

  • balances the left and right brain neural activity;
  • promotes increased awareness in cognitive thinking;
  • alleviates physical, mental and emotional health issues;
  • helps manage behavioural stress responses.

  • If you could be more:

    • aware
    • attentive
    • present
    • patient
    • observant
    • empathetic
    • creative
    • methodical

    how would this change your experiences at work and in life?


    Revive & Rebalance Workshops

    Sound Waves at Work

    When employees take the time to re-fuel and re-energize their vitality levels, productivity increases, a more positive attitude follows, fewer health issues result and the work environment is generally less stressful. This interactive workshop is designed to provide individuals with innovative ideas to manage their own stress levels.

    Participants learn how to:

    • breathe to relax the body;
    • tone to clear stress-inducing thoughts;
    • shift the brain waves into the theta state, so creativity, inspiration and intuition can be consciously accessed;
    • receive and create sound for the purpose of energizing the self as well as others.

    Just as music can create emotional responses, Sound Waves at Work promotes a meditative sense of well-being. This revitalizes and ignites people to be clear of mind, focused and more productive.

    Workshops can run for 90 minutes or half a day and can be tailored to suit small or large groups.

    Stress Release via Soundmaking & Drumming

    Live soundmaking is an interactive experience which invites participants to become soundmakers and listeners. Sound "medicine" raises one's awareness of cooperation, and the power of uniqueness that each individual brings to the work environment. It helps people honour the creativity of each member each on a team. The dynamic force of drums, world instruments & voice are playfully used to build a mutual group pulse. Listening skills are deepened and the easy nature of playing the instruments quickly puts participants at ease.

    Benefits of this process are:

    • dissipation of stress;
    • experiencing a whole new paradigm of techniques to observe, to listen, to lead, and to motivate;
    • understanding team building through the body as well as the logical mind;
    • leaving a soundmaking workshop feeling engaged, re-energized and in a positive frame of mind and heart.

    Events are co-facilitated with Stephen Hudecki and are tailored to suit the needs of workplace.

    Renew You: Yoga & Meditation at Work

    This 8-week guided meditation & yoga program offers employees or attendees the opportunity to learn how to center themselves and how to address mental, emotional and physical stress using breath and guided imagery.

    Our vital energy level is directly affected by our ability to respond to and manage stress. Renew You introduces:

    • Intentional Breath a breath and visualization technique that:

      • creates more balance;
      • brings clarity of thought in acute situations;
      • provides conscious breathing strategies to let go and re-vitalize.
    • Gentle Yoga fundamental yoga poses that:

      • nourish the mind and body;
      • help maintain correct postural habits;
      • increase energy and inner peace.