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Life is like a cup that is empty. Fill it to it's fullest capacity before it is gone.  ~Linda Nadler

We must educate the whole child — creatively, culturally, spiritually, morally, physically, technologically as well as intellectually. Good teachers recognise this and develop the child to his/her potential. The greatest gift you can give a child is self-esteem and confidence in their ability. If a child has these, no challenge is too great. ~Carol Traynor

The art of teaching is the art of assisting discovery. ~Mark Van Doren

It is vital to encourage all areas of young people's intellectual and personal capabilities and to recognise that doing this is not at odds with their academic development. The greatest disincentives to achievements are low self-esteem and lack of motivation. Creative and cultural programmes are powerful ways of revitalising the sense of community in a school and engaging the whole school with the wider community. ~Ken Robinson

The creation of something new is not accomplished by the intellect alone but by the play instinct. The creative mind plays with the objects it loves. ~C. G. Jung

To communicate through the arts is to convey an experience to others in such a form that the experience is actively recreated by those to whom it is offered. ~Raymond Williams



As a yoga teacher, sound-play facilitator and Ontario Certified French Immersion Teacher of ten years, Stephanie HeartSong delivers unique, creative, and interactive self-awareness programs for students in English or in French. The workshops are offered during the academic school year, but are also popular as summer day camp special events.

Stephanie HeartSong Every session creatively integrates physical education, art, music, drama, science and social science components of the curriculum. Sessions are appropriately tailored to each grade level and social-emotional needs of the children. Primary-junior students learn about their intuitive self and their sensory world through yoga, drama, music and art. The intermediate-senior students are guided to understand the scientific effects of sound upon the body and brain and they also physically experience the vibration of sound.

Rainbow of Sound

Kindergarden to grade 2 children actively participate in a unique workshop of sound, creative movement and art which includes:

  • toning exercises
  • simple call and response songs
  • the pure sounds of quartz crystal bowls and the pulse of drums
  • creative movements
  • drawing to capture their feelings and impressions

Sounds Like Fun

An interactive workshop of creative movement, yoga poses, art and song for grades 3 to 6. Children are guided to explore fun with yogic flows and all together, in smaller groups, create yoga inspired sculptures and mandalas. Once they release their highest peak of energy, they are guided to settle with a vowel sounding game or call and response chant. Following simple breathing techniques, the children listen to the pure sounds of quartz crystal bowls. Stephanie guides the students using sounds and instruments on an imaginary nature journey. Having received a body and mind balancing soundscape, students are guided to use art materials to express the sounds and movements they experienced. The workshop can also conclude with a story-telling circle.

Energy of Music on the Brain & Body

How does music affect the psyche? What is sound medicine or music therapy? In this 60-90 minute workshop, grades 7 to 11 students are exposed to a variety of sounds and styles of music — from serene and frenetic. While they listen to these sounds, there is a binaural pulse audibly present which naturally relaxes the students during the presentation. The intention is for students to experience the alpha brainwave pattern. The workshop includes a power point presentation outlining how the brain, body and emotions respond to vibration. Participants experience instruments, tones and sound that have been used for centuries to quiet the mind. Stephanie introduces simple breathing techniques and demonstrates how the pure tones of 8 quartz crystal bowls affect the right brain where insight, intuition, creativity, and psychic abilities reside. Finally the students understand how the logical left brain activity is improved simply by balancing the body with sound.

Stress Release & Peaceful Classroom Seminars

Stephanie also facilitates tailor-made workshops, classes and seminars for educators to manage and release stressful responses in the body and mind.