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If you can give up all thoughts, you will right here and now attain the realization of oneness with all.  ~Ramayana


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Host this intensive in your space:

Time: 10:30am-4:30pm

Cost: $95

Minimum: 6 people


Sacred Sound & Energy Healing


The OM (AUM) sound resonates the sand into the Sri Yantra. This sacred geometry is the basis of life.

  • the healing power of sound;
  • sacred vocalization;
  • the shamanic use of world instruments;
  • chakra healing: tuning forks, crystals, essential oils, guided visualization.

The workshop is
for all who want
to experience and know more about vibrational healing medicine. It is highly beneficial for those who seek to introduce sound medicine to their holistic healing practice.

This introductory workshop provides an opportunity for you to:

  • learn how to use quartz crystal singing bowls;
  • give, receive and feel the power of sound;
  • use world instruments, drums, bells and rattles in a sacred and healing way;
  • become familiar with, and practice techniques for, balancing the chakra system.
  • play, laugh, groove, give, receive, surrender and love it!

Bring & Share

  • first, your voice!
  • hand held drums
  • rattles
  • didgeridoos
  • wood wind instruments, flutes, sax
  • chimes, bells
  • tuning forks
  • tingshas, Tibetan singing bowls
  • xylophones + + +

Also Bring

  • a pillow/cushion, cozy blanket for table work
  • scarves, wraps, gem stones, crystals for chakra balancing work
  • journal, note book
  • snacks and water for the day