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To listen is to lean in, softly, with a willingness to be changed by what we hear.  ~Mark Nepo

More and more, society is recognizing the health benefits of sound as medicine. The Sound & Consciousness Institute lists the following uses of sound/music in:

  • relaxation and stress relief
  • pain control
  • reduction of anesthesia and medications
  • sound surgery to restore tissues as well as break up stones and cancer tumors
  • neurodevelopmental remediation
  • correction of auditory tonal processing difficulties
  • abatement of hearing sensitivities
  • correction of learning disabilities, accelerated learning
  • birthing assistance
  • meditation, consciousness raising, connecting to spirit


SoundWork In Your Space

Guided sound meditations, Sacred Sound, or Sound & Silence workshops can be hosted at your own space. Yoga studios, wellness or fitness centres, retirement homes and schools have invited for soundscape and drumming circles. Please note that all events can be tailored to suit your group's needs.

Sacred Sound Workshop

In a 90-min Sacred Sound workshop, participants are first guided to relax, breathe and prepare their mind, heart and body for a revitalizing soundscape. They are then exposed to the healing power of:

David Icke's video: Sound Vibration = Form demonstrates how sound frequency and vibration creates form.

  • the vocalist's wind breath, chants and toning
  • sounds and vibrations emitted from the quartz crystal singing bowls
  • sounds from world instruments such as chimes, rattles, buffalo and ocean drums, shruti box, tingshas

The session concludes with a period of meditative stillness. Note that no two Sacred Sound workshops are alike. Each soundscape emerges from and resonates with the collective energy of participants.

Sound & Energy Healing

This 1-day intensive can be hosted in your space.

Sound & Silence      

A Sound & Silence 3-hour event is a personalized sound healing work in a small group setting. Each participant receives her/his own series of cleansing and activating sounds as the soloist intuits the voice and instrumental rhythms needed to uniquely restore balance and harmonize her/his energies. Simultaneously, each participant experiences, integrates and resonates with each soundscape created for others in room. Subsequent to the soundscape, participants undergo a guided "innerverse" journey followed by a silent meditation. The event concludes with a wisdom circle.

Sitting in a circle with others who serve as compassionate witnesses is powerful. The wisdom circle encourages participants to speak from their heart, from their experience in the moment, from their innate wisdom. The soloist, as spiritual mentor and healer, offers tools such as OshoZen tarot cards to embolden participants to speak from the truth of what they feel.