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A man's life is what his thoughts make it.  ~Marcus Aurelius

The most important pieces of equipment for doing yoga are your body and your mind. ~Rodney Yee

Adapted from the article: Why Use Yoga Props?

  • Props help conserve and replenish energy.

  • Props make poses more accessible without strain.

  • Props help prevent injuries and heal old injuries.

  • Props encourage weak parts to strengthen and stiff areas to stretch, thus balancing and realigning the whole body.

  • Props help to stay in poses long enough to release tension and experience deeper levels of relaxation.

  • Props help create space in the spine and joints.

  • Props allow practitioners with balance problems to practice the weight-bearing standing poses.

  • Props help to practice inverted poses safely.


    Yoga Props

    Why Use Props?    

    Yoga Mats

    Some mats are rubber and synthetic materials while others are organic fibres. The article: Guide to Buying a Yoga Mat is helpful to peruse prior to purchasing a mat.

    Yoga Belts

    A yoga belt should measure 6 feet. The buckle or clasps vary and so do the materials used. The article: What Is a Yoga Strap? Who Uses One? contains helpful hints.

    Yoga Blocks

    Most people are familiar with colourful, light foam yoga blocks. Two other options are cork and wooden yoga blocks. Foam blocks are light and effective prop tools. If you choose to purchase blocks, buy two identical ones. Cork blocks (my personal favorite) are a little heavier, but allow for more stability when used in floor asanas and balance poses. Wooden block are solid and keep you very stable when the wooden blocks are used as grounding surface.